I'm thrilled with this new chapter in my recording career. My album is also on release in the U.S. and other territories, and doing well. The new one will follow soon. I'd like to thank all of you for your continued support.
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Kevin Finn,
Of course the other voice on all of my tracks is my husband Kevin, also a former member of The New Seekers, and without whom we wouldn’t be able to create the close harmony sound, which contributes so much to the success of these latest recordings. His band, Wishful Thinking has now reached cult status, particularly in Germany.
David Mackay,
I am so lucky to have David Mackay as my producer. He is one of the most talented and respected producers in the industry, and so is always extremely busy with other projects. Happily, he always makes time for me!

David, as you know, was responsible for all of our early successes, including of course, the production of both the TV. ad, and the single of “I’d like to teach the world to sing” Working now with him means that we can re-create the sound for which we became famous.  

David is also a prolific composer, having had success with, among many others, the hit song and incidental music from Auf Weidersehn Pet.
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Eve Graham

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